Date Document
12/12/2007 Appendix 3B
30/11/2007 Final Director`s Interest Notice
29/11/2007 Disclosure of AGM Proxy Votes
28/11/2007 Resignation of Director
23/11/2007 Change of Director`s Interest Notice
16/11/2007 AGO: Option to acquire Iron Ore Rights YandeearraTenements
16/11/2007 Atlas Iron Option Agreement over Yandeearra Gold Project
16/11/2007 JVA with De Grey Mining Limited at Yandeearra
16/11/2007 DEG: Release re Turner River Project
31/10/2007 Quarterly Cashflow Report
31/10/2007 Quarterly Activities Report
26/10/2007 Annual Report to shareholders
26/10/2007 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
24/09/2007 Sale of Avoca Resources Limited Shares
20/09/2007 Full Year Statutory Accounts
04/09/2007 Change of Director`s Interest Notice
31/07/2007 Quarterly Cashflow Report
31/07/2007 Quarterly Activities Report
25/07/2007 Completion of sale of Higginsville and Chalice Gold Projects
25/07/2007 AVO ann: Purchase of Chalice and Higginsville Gold Projects
20/07/2007 Progress Report
22/06/2007 Disclosure of Proxy Votes
21/05/2007 Notice of General Meeting
01/05/2007 Sale of Chalice &Higginsville Gold Projects to Avoca
01/05/2007 AVO's ann: Consolidates Higginsville & Chalice Gold Fields
30/04/2007 Third Quarter Activities Report
30/04/2007 Third Quarter Cashflow Report
30/04/2007 Trading Halt
09/03/2007 Half Year Accounts
15/02/2007 Change of Directors
15/02/2007 Initial Director's Interest Notice
15/02/2007 Final Director's Interest Notice
31/01/2007 Second Quarter Activities Report
31/01/2007 Second Quarter Cashflow Report
29/01/2007 Change of Director's Interest Notice
24/01/2007 Change of Director's Interest Notice
16/01/2007 Forfeit of Unlisted Options

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